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Sí Se Puede in Politics, Faith, Sports, Love

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Kevin Hilke

Rallying supporters to a political cause, rallying supporters of a team, rallying the adherents of a faith, and rallying oneself to make a romantic commitment all take this form: pretending that we know something (usually about the future [i.e., “We will beat Cal”], but often about the past [i.e., “Christ died for our sins”] or the present [i.e., “The American people want change”]) that we do not and cannot empirically know. In the romantic sphere, as in political sphere, the distinction between lying and failing applies: a divorce due to marital issues does not mean that the parties lied when they said “Till death do us part”; it means that they decided, gradually or suddenly, that fidelity to the truth of their everlasting love has proved unfounded.

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